Monday, March 28, 2005

Easter Monday

Well today sees an end to the Easter festivities(not that there were any real festivities for me).

Today was a good day. About a 7/10. Woke up at nine, or at least I thought it was nine, fecking daylight saving hours complicated things. Went to the metro centre this morning/afternoon. I bought nothing! I did, however, see things I would like to buy when I get home from NY unless I can get them cheaper there.

On the way home we took the route that was most congested so in an attempt to take a shortcut we ended up......well nowhere. It was like a bike ride with john. Speaking of whom, haven't spoken to him today, wonder if he went to the west coast on his bike like he planned. Looking forward to finding out what happened there.

Did the first bit of college I have in weeks today, I hope to finish it tomorrow. Grrr...I really can't be arsed.

I also learned that drinking on an empty stomach(even just a pint) can get you feeling as drunk as several following a meal. Thank god for spellchecker on blogger.

GOING TO NEW YORK IN TWO DAYS!!! (Bet you're jealous)


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