Sunday, March 27, 2005

Easter Sunday

Today has been Crap!

It started badly and got progressively worse.

I woke up early only to find that I wasn't going hiking in the lakes because of the rain. I then had to call john to tell him which made me feel guilty because he had got out of bed early too(sorry john). I then went back to sleep for a few hours. By the time I did get up it was 11am, but thanks to daylight saving hours it was 12pm. An hour lost, on any other day that would be a bad thing, but today it was inconsequential.

The reason for this is I spent most of the day sitting in my room doing nothing. Well I say nothing, I added a new poll to the site. That was the most productive thing. I also broke the font system on my computer system. I'm going to have to reinstall tomorrow, there's a task I don't look forward too.

I watched Joey, Two and a Half men and 24 tonight. That was really the highlight of a dull day. They were all really good. I suggest if you haven't seen two and a half men you watch it next week at 8:30pm on Five. This weeks show contained the great scene:

GIRL: You said I was special. If I'm special why were you dating three other women at the same time?
CHARLIE: I said you were special, not unique

That had me laughing a while.

Anyway after that telefest I came online to check the state of the UCAS Track website
The University of Edinburgh - Unsuccessful
The University of Nottingham - Unsuccessful
Oxford University - Unsuccessful
University of Newcastle Upon Tyne - ???

Only one chance left and its not looking good. Hope they tell me before new york.

Anyway, after doing that I went on MSN. There I learned that this blog can get me into trouble. People can find out if they werent invited places. So let me add a disclaimer:

If you see that I have been somewhere and you were not invited assume I either: forgot, didn't have the time or means or didn't think you would want to go.

I don't deliberately ignore people.

Anyway I am now listening to my "Zen" playlist of songs. I will post the track listings in a few minutes, all the songs on it are good to listen to if you need to relax!

Hope tomorrow is a better day........


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