Sunday, March 27, 2005


Going to be quick now because I'm going to bed now.

Watched England win 4-0 this afternoon, despite the score line the match was pretty dull. Michael Owen need to be dropped fast, he missed chances I could have scored!

Tonight I went to Newcastle with John N., Kyle, David, Alan, Matthew, Fiona and Erin for a meal. We went to Marco Polo's, a seaside themed Italian restaurant. The meal was OK but I had a good time which was the important thing. The meal came to just under £100 for 8 people which I thought was a lot.

We went back to davids after, looking everywhere for an off license but failing. It seems they close at 10pm. We didn't stay long at davids tonight.

I was supposed to be going to the lakes tomorrow for a hike but the weather looks like it might be stopping that. It could be God punishing john for not going to church tomorrow. Or it could be coincidence, who knows!

A pretty average day overall really. Wasn't bored much though which is a good thing!

4 Days to New York now......


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