Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Got a good lie in today which put me in a good mood. When I did get myself out of bed I blasted some music to wake me up, that put me in an even better mood!

Today was also a very hot day for South Shields I think it was around 20 degrees C. So I chose this to be the first day of the year to wear shorts. That marked the end of winter for me. I'm really looking forward to summer now.

Anyway back to today. I went bowling with John P and some of his mates. I came second last in the first game but thanks to a brilliant finish I won the second game.

Later me, John N and Craig went to play football. There were supposed to be more people but things got in the way. So all we really had was a kick about.
(Note for Future: Make friends with more people who like football)

Playing Fountains of Wayne loudly now, no doubt my parents and the neighbors aren't too pleased.

Think I will do some chem coursework.

7 Days until New York........


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