Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I am 18!!! (Tuesday)

After 18 years of waiting I am an adult. Wooo!

To celebrate my 18th I have had quite a few parties.

The first of which was a real surprise to me. I was told I was going to the cinema in Newcastle, to see a film I really didn't want to see. But then at the last minute we went to a Chinese. It was a great surprise. I had a great night.

The next thing was a BBQ, that wasn't really a party just something to do on a Friday night. Again it was a lot of fun, the "Hi I'm Alan Videos were great".

On Saturday there was no celebrations but I went to the sunderland match. That was really good for a change. Nice to see them get promoted and the atmosphere was electric.

On Sunday, Quasar was the venue of choice. I hadn't been to Quasar in ages and going just reminded me how much fun it is shooting Dave foster. Will have to go again soon. After quasar we went back home for cake and pizza. Discovered a magic trick that can be done with a bottle of beer.

And then it was Monday 25th April 2005. The big day was here. What a great day it was. The day at college was like any other with the addition of a present giving time in the martec at lunch. All my friends were really generous and bought me some great gifts. Thank you!

In the evening we went to Trillians in Newcastle to celebrate me being old enough to drink. And drink I did. I think I might have had a little too much. But as I've been told today - "Your only 18 once!". Was a bit disappointed I wasn't IDed the one time I had valid ID.

Overall it was a great few days and thanks to my friends I will remember them for a long time.

Things are back to normal today, little bit of a hangover in the morning but I w as OK by lunchtime. Started some revision tonight but that was interrupted by a great episode of the OC. Made my night!

I was going through some photos of when I was little on Sunday and I decided to scan in a few of the classics. Click Here to see them.


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