Thursday, April 14, 2005


Strange day today. I've been a bit unhappy all day but nothing has been greatly different. I think it might just be the weather, rain makes me feel less happy.

Yesterday I got my first hepatitis B Jab I need before starting medicine. Didn't hurt and I didn't bleed, two good things.

After that I just had a normal college day, nothing very special really.

Today the weather looked a little overcast when I walked to college, so I thought I'd risk it and wear just a jacket/jumper thing. It turned out to be a mistake later on.

After biology I helped john (p.) take some pics of things around college so he can build a level out of L block on CS: Source. I will have to buy it if the map is good enough.

I then had nothing to do until 3 o'clock so me and john (n.) decided to go to Newcastle for no particular reason. It was interesting. Certainly a better way of killing time than just sitting around college.

I bought Jet's album and I am impressed. I bought it on a bit of a whim really, having only heard the odd song from it. Some good riff's, Matthew says its indie which I partly agree with but I think its more rock.

Anyway got back to college, sat bored in chemistry and physics, and then walked home in the rain. Not really that fun!

Got to do some maths homework now but I have a new episode of 24 to watch, I wonder which I'll do.

Anyway I will leave some pics from today, the first is a group of people from college(you know who you are) and the second is Kyle and his latest fashion accessory.


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