Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Long time no post

It seems to have been three days since my last post so I better record what I have done before I forget.

On Monday I had a very heavy day of lectures. We started histology. I discovered that is added to the list of parts of the course I don't like. I really don't like looking down the microscope very much, but it has to be done. During that lecture for the second time so far I forgot my lab coat so I had to make the horrible sweaty run back to my room to get it.

In the afternoon we learned how to take blood pressure. That was quite fun actually. I really enjoyed that because it gave me the chance to get some useful medical knowledge.

In the evening I felt pretty lousy so I went to bed pretty early after a lost marathon. (I think its gonna be Sawyer who dies)

Tuesday was a blissfully short day. Starting with a horrid 4 hour histology session that seemed to take forever. I was then done for the day!

I spent the afternoon playing monopoly which was great fun and I discovered I have a talent for it.

Matthew arrived next. We then had some tea before going out to the rocket. That was a good night starting in the rocket before moving on to Moby Grape. I have to mention the music is shite on the whole on a Tuesday unlike a Thursday when its brilliant.

Today has also been short. After saying goodbye to Matthew I had a very pleasant lecture from Dr. Hyde. That was nice and short.

In the afternoon I had the visit to my pregnant mother. That was very interesting and I am actually looking forward to starting work on the project. I enjoy working in a small group and meeting patients. That is what I like best about medicine. Unfortunately the course so far hasn't had a lot of that.

Anyway after that epic post I'm now going to do some homework.


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