Tuesday, October 18, 2005


I have decided to start posting on here again simply to keep track of my life in the future. I doubt it will make particularly interesting reading for anyone at all(myself included) but I need to be able to check back on things in the future.

Today I had a series of dull lectures that seemed like they would never end. Med school isn't all the fun I had expected. Uni life is great but doing work isn't.

After a morning of dull microbiology lectures I had a very long lunch break that I spent mainly talking before the afternoons fun started.

Today was PPD. That is what inspired me to start up blogging again. I need to be able to write essays about interesting and pivotal points in my uni life and I figured if I have a day to day document of what I do it may help in the future.

The lecture itself was rather dull but I found out I am an 'activist' learner whatever that means.

This evening I cleaned the kitchen and was shopped for. Tomorrow in addition to working and going to the fresher ball I am going to bake some cakes. That will be fun.

I am now going to go to bed!


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