Saturday, October 22, 2005


I have forgotten to post for the last few days so I will recap what happened.

On Thursday night I went out to Moby Grape with David, Kyle, Ellia, Phil and Paul. That was a really good night. All good music all night. Will without a doubt be returning there. I actually found the walk home as good as the night out. Singing in the streets at 2am is a lot of fun.

On Friday I had a real lie in for the first time in weeks. That really helped me get over the nights excesses. I spent most of the day in the flat doing nothing in particular(thanks to a break in the timetable), which happened to be very enjoyable. In the afternoon I went shopping at teeside park with tom. I really nabbed a few good bargains at sports soccer(New England Shirt: £11.99!!!).

In the evening I spent several hours in the kitchen doing nothing at all. Well I played cards and baked a cake (that was eaten within an hour) but not a very productive use of 4 hours.

Today I have done very little again. I went to stockton to get some food in and I categorised my music collection and now I'm about to catch up on my email and do some reading (dull!!). I may go out to the Rocket tonight depending on what the weather does.


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