Friday, April 21, 2006

Interesting Reading

Today has been another of those great procrastinating holiday days. I have done a little packing, watched some tele and had my hair cut (which I will get onto in a moment). Those are the high points of the day. Overall I think I have spent most of my day reading blogs about this that and the other. Sometimes I feel that this is a bit of a waste of time since I have to spend hours doing it and its not particularly relevant to my normal life. However I do think that some blogs teach you things. Not really things of practical use, but things of interest.

Take today for instance, John (AKA Flash) paid a visit to steal some of my barenaked ladies songs to sample. Once that task was out of the way I showed him the two websites I mentioned in yesterdays post. Both of the sites he found very interesting and he asked how I end up finding these sites. It was then I realised the power of blogging. Were it not for blogging in the odds are I would never have found such interesting sites. So I can justify wasting some of my day reading the thoughts and interests of others.

The other major event of the day was getting my hair cut. This is something I detest having done with somewhat of a passion. I find it strange to have someone you don't know touching your head and having a fair amount of power over you. One mistaken cut and you are missing an ear lobe, or more likely, but equally scaring, missing a large chunk of hair forcing you to go for a skin head cut and look like a chav.

These events have never happened to me (well once my ear bled a tiny bit) but they still worry me. I went for a complete change in hairstyle and I'm not sure I like it but I figure mother can always change it if I decide against it. Changing my appearance is not something I like to do and its not something I take lightly but sometimes it has to be done.

Anyway that's today's ranting over with. However if you are short of reading material and like this sort of ranting I can recommend the archive of Clarksons Columns in the Sunday Times or Matt Archers blog. Both contain often humorous rants about the finer points of life.


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