Thursday, April 20, 2006


I have done a complete restyle of my blog including a new name.

I've just heard that Randy Newman is going to be playing the sage in gateshead in July which is great news however I now have to find someone else willing to go. I think flash will be my first target but I may have to offer a ticket subsidy to convice him to go. Not the end of the world though tickets aren't that expensive.

Here are a couple of sites that I have been browsing recently that are of some interest:
  1. Gigapxl - A selection of very high quality photos of the US. Makes some nice desktops.
  2. Adam Kay's Blog - This is a very entertaining blog I can't get enough of.


At 2:07 AM, Blogger Kyle Mayne said...

Hey if thats the fella who wrote the song mama told me not to come, im up for it, if im wrong totally skip this comment and proceed on. Hope your feeling better!, my head is spinning amazing what a few vodka red bulls does to your system.


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