Tuesday, May 16, 2006

2nd Exam Over

Well I've finished my second exam. Touched up two people, hopefully appropriatly. Now I'm just catching up on blogs. Its so addictive. I never imagined I would care as much what other people thought.

I'm also in a very quick back and forth e-mail conversation with Kyle because for no apparant reason my MSN won't connect. I've also lost the proxy server in the states that was working well for me, which means waiting longer for lost. Only a day more but its painful.

I saw a classic video on the net of a person interviews on News24 who was not the person the newsreader expected them to be, they were in fact there for a low level interview and sent to the wrong place. Classic comedy, showing how little it matters what the interviewee says in a TV interview, the presenter went on regardless of their answers.

I also got myself a nice new semi-acoustic guitar off e-bay setting me back £60 inc delivery which I have to say was quite a bargin given they are normally £175 at the cheapest.


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