Wednesday, May 17, 2006

How the Da Vinci Code Doesn't Work

I've just read an interesting if not annoying article How Stuff and it shows someone really did their homework. It makes it clear the book is a work of fiction and is not accurate in many respects.

The article makes me feel sorry for Dan Brown. His first three books sold poorly (despite being very good) so I doubt he could have ever imagined the unprecidented success of the DVC. There was no way he could be expected to research everything to the standards the author of this piece expects and still make the story fit together well. I wish people would just leave a good story alone and stop pointing out the really small flaws that were probably deliberate to make things flow better.

The funniest part was that an Albino Man actually wrote a book on the flaws in the books treatment of the monk with albinoism. Thats just sad.  


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