Sunday, August 13, 2006

And Now For Something Not That Different...

Something DifferentHere goes with the first round of my Round Up Session. This is similar to those found on Wings on Some Wheels (Mangled) and on John Battelle's Searchblog. I hope to release this every Sunday.

Apple should take note of this video before releasing leopard.

This is a very amusing video of Darth Vader and Wife. Not so funny if it happened to you i'd imagine.

Coca Cola haven't lost their touch for innovative advertising.

Here is a brilliant selection of High Res photos from the 30-50's. The one of london is particularly good.

For the paranoid...a way to stop google logging your searches.

It seems the BBC is designing a digital radio adapter for the Ipod and other mp3 players. No release date or even any real details. It seems like a good idea but perhaps some specifics would be nice. Not sure why the beeb is doing this, its not really their job. Wasting my liscence fee!
A nice video about customer power.

Though this video uses a mod on GTA it still looks very impressive.

Not fair that the Czech get such good adverts!


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