Wednesday, August 09, 2006

OS X Leopard

I really like the look of the new OS X features, however, they really make no difference to me. I have tried many versions of Linux over the years and I think its a wonderful idea. The whole structure of the OS is brilliant, really secure and stable. OSX is basically a linux engine with all the coolness of the mac added to it, plus a couple of features that haven't quite made the stable versions of the major linux distros.

This release is no difference really. Some nice eye candy, a new e-mail client and a new backup mechanism. These really aren't revolutionary features. All of them were avalible already if you didn't mind doing a bit of tinkering. Personally I think these should be considered minor features. Apple needs to add something that will add value to the product for the XP user to really feel the need to pay the extra for the switch. Once they do that, they will have my money.


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