Monday, August 14, 2006

Windows Live Writer

This morning before work I was browsing the blogs over my special K and i stumbled upon the new windows product - Windows Live Writer. I figured I'd give it a try see what I though. So I downloaded it and installed it. It took quite a while to install >5min. I didn't have time to use it before work because of the slow install! Not a good start...

When I get home my firewall starts asking me if I want to allow Onfolio Server to access the net. Well I don't ever remember installing it. It isn't spyware so I have to assume its from WLW. Another bad point. I really don't like bundled tools. Not to mention its desperate attempts to get me to use Windows Live as a toolbar, homepage etc.

I finally give it a try and it works quite well. Looks pretty enough but at the end of the day I don't use IE. That makes it useless to me. I like the drag and drop features of performancing. So thats where this is being written from. WLW is leavnig my PC as I type.


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