Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Apple and Testing

iTunes 7 has really annoyed me these last two days. First of all it
won't play my music properly. Then it goes and breaks my brother's iPod
nano which it fell to me to fix. It wasn't too much trouble, after it
initially wouldn't be regognised in itunes after an update I found that
the disc drive was corrupted. So I reformatted it and the problem was
solved. It still wasted some of my day due to poor testing by apple.

Apple have done the honorable thing and released a new patch to correct
some of the problems but I can't help think that it could have been
avoided by proper testing. The biggest flaw in my opinion is that a new
feature for the ipod shuffle doesn't work at all. It really doesnt
bother me that much but its a bit of a problem for apple.

On the topic of the Shuffle, my brother kindly donated mine to his to me
since he doesn't use it at all and the headphones are slightly worn. But
on the whole i like it. Its much more useful to me than an actual ipod
because every song on it is one that I like.


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