Sunday, October 01, 2006

Studio 60 On Sunset

I just finished watching the first two episodes of Studio 60... and it's brilliant. It really picks up where the West Wing left off. The stories are superb but as with the early parts of the West Wing, its the dialogue and acting that really make the show watchable.

I find it funny that a show who's main theme is improving the standard of television is in itself trying to do that. It seems much of the basis of the plot is real life. The creator Aaron Sorkin had some drugs problems during the production of the West Wing leading him to leave the show.

Clearly the actors know Sorkin is something special given so many who starred in the West Wing are parts of this series (Brady Whitford, Timothy Busfield and Matthew Perry).

I want to see the show grow from strength to strength and I hope that it takes of in the UK in a way the West Wing never did.


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