Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Violence In Society

Fresher's week here in Stockton took a very unpleasent turn on Monday Night. At a newly opened club called che bar everything was going really well, everyone was having a good time. I was not drinking as I was recovering from the flu but the songs were good and I was having a good time. Like most clubs it was very hot inside so I stepped outside for some air.

I was stood outside for about a minute when one of the freshers reps seems to have a scuffle and runs very fast towards the club. The bouncers stopped him quickly and before I saw anything else the guy behind him had two bouncers on him. What had happened was the freshers rep had been stabbed in the chest. From that point on I was in a state of disbelief while trying to help out keep people in the club until the police and ambulence had gone.

It seems that the knife missed all internal organs and the freshers rep is going to be ok though he is still very ill.

I, like everyone who reads a newspaper, knew about the increasing number of incidents of knife crime in the UK but I've never been personally involved. The effect it has on people is quite dramatic. The next day I still felt like I was in a daze as I spoke to the other members of the JCR who also know the freshers rep hurt. Everyone is shocked and hoping and praying for his recovery.

I really feel sorry for him and his family who must be going through such an ordeal at the moment. I also feel for the bar owner. The night was great and through no fault of their own their reputation has been tarnished.

On a side note, when I gave my statement to the police the next day I was told the attacker was a fail asylum seeker. That really annoyed me but I'm not going to discuss that messy issue in this post.


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