Thursday, January 04, 2007

Ashley X - more comment

I just spotted this over on the BBC website and the part I have put bold really sums things up for me.

Professor Raanan Gillon, Imperial College London, UK: "My immediate response was shock, horror and disgust. How could a child be mutilated in this way?

"But on reflecting, it seemed to me there were some reasons in favour. She could be looked after much better by her a much more appropriate way as a child because she will remain an infant [mentally] for the rest of her life anyway."

Another point to note that I hadn't even thought of is this:

"There is no doubt that people who have got severe mental handicap find it difficult to cope with menstruation.

"There have been cases in the past in this country where children with severe mental handicap have had their uterus removed to prevent them accidentally becoming pregnant...and to mean they don't have to go through the trials of menstruation." - GP Dr Rosemary Leonard

Either way I support the move though I think it should be carefully considered before being implemented again.


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