Sunday, February 18, 2007

Studio 60 Note

For those who watch Studio 60 and don't know much about the West Wing here is an observation I made.

Matt Albie=Aaron Sorkin(Writer)

Sorkin wrote the West Wing for the first 4 seasons before John Wells (ER) took over full time. Sorkin was fired/left due to a drug problem. The last episode of S60 showed Albie having his first drug encounter.

Other similarities include that Sorkin was well known to write full episodes of the West Wing with no help - something noramlly seen as impossible. S60 started with Albie having to write whole episodes despite everyone saying it can't be done.

Sorkin had a relationship with Kristin Chenoweth who played Annabeth Scott in the later seasons of the west wing and also appeared on the 700 club show which Harriet Hayes appeared on causing the break-up of Matt and Harriet much like Aaron and Kirstin(note: Kirstin is very fit and aaron did very well for himself).


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