Sunday, May 20, 2007

London Morning (6)

After a long time on the Underground we ended up in the lovely suburb of Loughton. The campsite advertised itself as central (since updated). Well it took us near an hour to get there on the tube and then another hour and a half to get to the site.

When we finally arrived the friendly site owner was most accommodating and asked us why we didn't take the shortcut. The shortcut was less than obvious, basically it consisted of walking for 30 minutes through some bull filled fields and quite dense forests. Even when we knew the way we came very close to getting lost. Here is a short video of the trek.

The whole point of our trip to London was to see Live 8, which was really good though the atmosphere wasn't as good as I'd expected. More pictures of that coming in the next few days.

I've really started to get into Windows Live Maps over google maps. I'm a big google man but it's satellite coverage is far worse. Also the collections feature in WLM is really cool. I used it to show the short cut in this post. Here is a summary of our walking route in London.



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