Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Just read an eye opening story on the BBC website which is from the Whistle Blower series. Reading it was an unusual experience. I'd never though that supermarkets would be that reckless when it comes to handling meat but at the same time every part of the story fits the way these big companies work.

The stores are managed by store managers who have a massive degree of autonomy and have one goal - meet the targets. It's very easy to see how they would be willing to look the other way if it means targets are met. Supermarkets also have an unfair legal advantage. If I ever got food poisoning I would not be likley to sue a supermarket beacuse my chances of winning are poor.

One part of the story rang most true:

Now, Tesco are proud of their training, but when I was tested I was simply handed the answers I needed and told to input them on a separate sheet.

While working at a similar organisation at Christmas I was handed the answers to the computer quiz just to speed up the process. To be honest I was more than happy to cheat because the quiz was badly designed and I could work out most of the answers regardless, but if someone who wasn't as bright were to do the same thing they may miss something important.

The photo is of Skiddaw from Keswick Rugby Ground.



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