Friday, June 15, 2007

Recent Reading and Grand Central

The image is of the Atrium of Grand Central Terminal, New York. The massive flag was put in place shortly after 9/11 and has remained in place since. Quite an impressive sight. There is another flag in the building shown in a nice picture by the NY Daily Blogger.

In other news...

Paul McCartney has created an iTunes advert. I quite like it to be honest. Nice and colourful. Song is pretty good too.

A group of students have proved what we all knew to be true, an then some. Food is still safe to eat after you have dropped it, so long as it's less than 30 seconds - even for wet food!

In a story by the Consumerist blog, a Dell employee has spilled the beans on their tactics. I ignored the story until I noticed this afternoon that Dell have sent a take down request. It was then nice and clear that there is something worth looking at.

The part that interested me most was that if you go on the Small Business section of their website you get better deals than Home. Sure enough, you can get the Inspiron 6400 from the home site for £429 with Vista home and a 80gig HD. On the Small Business site, the same laptop, with a 120gig HD and Vista Business is only £399. Crazy!

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