Monday, June 11, 2007

Safari on Windows

I'm posting this from Safari on Windows. 

My first impressions are mixed. The speed is defianatly faster and the look of the general interface is as sleek as would be expected from Apple. 

However, there are two big flaws for me. The biggest problem is the fonts. The font's aren't even close to standard windows fonts, let alone what you get when you enable cleartype (or use IE7). Fonts have always been the biggest issue for me with linux, and is still the reason I don't use it more. Without nice basic fonts, web browsing is a pain!

The second problem is the lack of extensions. I use several extensions in Firefox, mainly adblock and scribefire. Without them it isn't really going to change my browsing habits.

A third and minor flaw is the lack of a spell checker. I'm used to the one you get on Firefox.

Still nice to try something new and I applaude Apple's inititive. I'd like to see the mozilla developers take note and speed up Firefox.

To give it a try go to



At 11:02 AM, Blogger Kyle Mayne said...

Reasons I'll uninstall for now;

* Text looks terrible. It's like it uses super ClearType or something. Everything is just too sharp. I tried all three font-smoothing options, and none of them look good to me.
* No Ad Block.
* Bookmarks take up a complete tab (not just a sizable sidebar). Even worse, clicking the mouse scroll wheel doesn't open a bookmark! Ctrl+clicking doesn't even work. You need to right-click and choose Open in New Tab.
* To resize the browser window, you must use the resizer control at the bottom right corner. I resize my window constantly, using any of the four corners.
* I absolutely must have the ability to undo a closed tab.


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