Wednesday, July 04, 2007

My New Vista

Nope nothing to do with the new Windows operating system. This is the view from my new bedroom. Not all that exciting, but nicer than some. Plenty of trees, which I like.

The reason for this new view is my new job. I am the Assistant School Administrator for the Open University summer residential school in Durham. Basically, I help run the place, along with several other people in similar positions. So far the job has been great. Working alongside some great people, all from Durham/Newcastle Uni (except my boss who works for the OU but is equally cool) which helps things immensely. On my first night went out for some drinks (and eventually some dancing) and got quite drunk which was a lot of fun.

It's a bit strange being in a Durham college. I'm used to being a Stocktonite and this is a real eye opener. Not surprisingly life here is far better (even outside term time), which is disappointing in the long run.

Anyway, more posts to come from me with hopefully some nice pictures of Durham.

My bedroom (van mildert college)

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