Friday, August 03, 2007

My Interesting 24 Hours

The last 24 hours for me have been eventful and most unusual. I feel it necessary to document this day in case my brain damage causes it to be wiped from my memory.

The events began in a very sober setting, a classical music concert. The concert was put on by the OU music summer school and was quite enjoyable if a little long.

Following the concert we had a drink in Hatfield bar before we headed back up the hill to Van Mildert to continue to the drinking. While passing through Saddler Street Andy hopped out to get some cash. At this point I had been wound up all day as Andy and Emma fed me a bunch of lies and I bought every one of them. I decided that I had justification to break shotgun rules and take the front seat while Andy was out. Andy didn't take the rule breach well and decided that he was having the front seat with me in there. So we drove all the way back up the hill with two front seat passengers. Good Craic.

When we got to the bar we continued drinking and proceeded to get plastered. The night was great fun but as with all other nights out this summer, it went on far longer than anticipated. I had to check on a student in another college and while there played on facebook (the results weren't pretty). Got to bed at 4:15.

In the morning I had to be up at 7:00 so I set 3 alarms. When the cleaners woke me up at 10:00 I'd slept through all 3 alarms and several phone calls. Wasn't the end of the world as I wasn't needed that badly anyway(not that I'd have been much use).

Did a bit of wandering in the morning until Andy asked me to help him move some teles (this is a crap job but it had to be done). In the process Andy accidently let a door close while I was locking the other door causing it to hit my head pretty hard. Not nice! I was ok though and continued with what we were doing.

About 15 minutes later after looking for a swipe card in one of the school cars we were locking the car and the boot wouldn't shut. So I started moving the obstruction but Andy continued to shut the boot again - with me in the way. This second, harder, blow to the head made me see stars and feel very dizzy so off we went to A&E. That's where the fun stuff ends, after that there was just a dull 2 hours in A&E to be told I'm ok.

Lessons of the day:
  • Be careful with head
  • Don't trust Andy

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