Sunday, September 16, 2007

iPod Classic

Feeling the need for a new ipod and having my girlfriend on my back telling me I need to find something I want for my birthday (5 months ago) I figured now was the time.

I settled on the ipod classic (in silver) mainly because of the memory. I've never had an ipod I could fit all my music onto and I really wanted that feature. The new nano was the next choice but I really wanted the space. Why not the itouch? I realised that I'm rarely in a location, other than at home, where I have wi-fi so the main feature of the device is wasted on my. It's small amount of memory was also a big turn off.

The ipod runs like any other ipod. A bit slow when trying something demanding (e.g. coverflow) but fine the rest of the time. The screen is big enough to watch a video on (I watched House on the train yesterday). The interface has been changed slightly, looking slicker than ever, but functionally there is nothing new.

Overall, a great product at the price.

Here is a short video of me using it. The resolution is unfortunately quite low.

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