Sunday, September 16, 2007

Pop Singers Fear Of The Pollen Count - The Divine Comedy

The title of this song caught my eye. I love songs with long titles, generally it's a good sign for the song. My other favorite long title song is "Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again", a song I may write about in the future.

The title of this song accurately reflects the subject matter. It's a pleasantly upbeat pop song about hayfever. The basic gist is hayfever is annoying but everyone gets it so get over it!

The Divine Comedy, fronted by Neil Hannon, are a band I like intermittently. There are tracks I love, and when in a certain mood I can listen to full albums happily, but on other occasions I find them a bit tedious. Other tracks to listen to are: "National Express", "Your Daddy's Car" (which sounds like a song from the Simpsons episode where homer goes to the land of chocolate), and "Generation Sex".

If you can't see the player <a href=''>Click Here</a> to listen to the song.
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