Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Unfair UK iPod Prices was very pleased to see the brilliant new range of iPods released today by Apple. An added bonus was that the prices seemed brilliant. Only $399 for the 16GB iTouch! Well worth £200 of anyones money.

After the keynote I checked the Apple Store and the prices weren't even close to the ones quoted by Jobs. Below is a summary of the US and UK prices.

US Price
UK Price

In DollarsIn SterlingIn DollarsIn Sterling%


Nano 4gb$149£74$199.52£9934%

Nano 8gb$199£99$259.99£12931%

Classic 80gb$249£124$320.45£15929%

Classic 160gb$349£173$461.53£22932%

itouch 8gb$299£148$401.06£19934%

itouch 16gb$399£198$542.14£26936%

It really doesn't seem fair to me that the exact same product in the US will cost 36% less than in the UK. Sure you can claim it needs to be delivered but that doesn't cost £69, as Jobs kept pointing out, they are tiny!

The prices in Continental Europe are even worse. Once again I'm going to be fleeced for not being American!



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