Sunday, July 30, 2006

Of Montreal

The most surprising thing has happened. Matthew has
suggested a good band to the world. I was reading his blog today and he
mentioned a band called Of Montreal. Normally I would ignore this mention since
his taste in music recently has been a little "experimental". However
on this occasion he compared them to the Beatles. At this point I felt it
necessary to check that this was even close to correct (otherwise its just blasphemy)
and he was dead on. I have only tried the songs on itunes but they sound good and
not to different to the Beatles.

In other news...I'm really tired today but my bedroom is finally finished.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Ronaldo Doll

The Sun Online - Sport: Get the new Ronaldo doll

"He Runs, He Dribbles, He Collapses in a Heap!"

What MS can learn from Open Source

I just finished reading a well written article about MS. The author doesn't seem to hate them; he is just pointing out their many flaws. I think someone at redmond should be reading discussing these issues.

What to do when very very bored.

Make a time stop video. Like these guys. Waste of time but looks cool.

Friday, July 28, 2006

WHO - not "at war"

The beeb is reporting that the Who's streaming of webcasts has been stopped. This was not much of a shock to me as I never really could imagine people paying for it. It wasn't cheap and the DVD's of the gigs are out shortly after anyway.

However, the reason it stopped was a disagreement between Rodge and Pete. Seems they are going to act like real rock stars to the bitter end.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Major Redesign

Just been doing some mods to my blog layout, to suit my personality more.

Open Source

This seems to be an industry buzz word at the moment, both MS and Google are giving presentations on the importance of it. MS doesn't seem too convincing but by employing staff (20 isn't much for them but its a start) they are making progress. Google on the other hand are trying to facilitate development with some sort of sourceforge equivalent. That doesn't seem to me that they are doing much themselves but they have done a lot of work for firefox and they are paying people to develop open source stuff, which is nice.

Time will tell if these efforts make a difference. Personally I think its going to be an unstoppable force.

I've used linux on and off for four years. When I started with it, it wasn't very usable at all, it took hours just to install a program. (That said I learned a lot more then) Ubuntu is now as easy to use as windows, all it needs is more programs for it and windows will become obsolete.

References: MS platform chief: closed-mindedness about open source continues |
Google at OSCON: Open Source Promotes Competition - Yahoo! News

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Mac and Facebook join up (to form MacBook perhaps)

I see that apple have created a group on good ol' Facebook offering us students free songs from itunes. I joined but I doubt i will use it much.

Funny thing about the group page is what is making it into the discussion board:

It appears that people aren't too pleased about the price of Macs and the post about illegal free movies offers some good advice. I think a mod is needed.

Another Goodie

Internet '96

The guy who writes the comments is a bit harsh though sometimes witty, for example:
Your first
instinct will be to repeatedly jab a pinecone in your eyes, but
please try to understand Pepsi's mindset. First, they were almost
definitely drunk. Secondly, they knew that the internet was in some
way related to computers, so the idea was to make their website very
evocative of a computer. I'm not convinced they understood what a
computer was, but when they closed their eyes and thought about
computers, this monstrosity is what popped into their drunken heads.

Old Bookmarks

Here is a selection of interesting links I came across in the process of sorting my bookmarks:


Well this is the third time that I have tried to bring this blog back from the dead. Does that make it twice as good as Jesus - I'm afraid not.

I'm going to keep the posts to a minimum thanks to kyles advice. My main reason for starting the blog again is just so i have a record of websites that interest me and interesting things that happen.