Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Long time no post

It seems to have been three days since my last post so I better record what I have done before I forget.

On Monday I had a very heavy day of lectures. We started histology. I discovered that is added to the list of parts of the course I don't like. I really don't like looking down the microscope very much, but it has to be done. During that lecture for the second time so far I forgot my lab coat so I had to make the horrible sweaty run back to my room to get it.

In the afternoon we learned how to take blood pressure. That was quite fun actually. I really enjoyed that because it gave me the chance to get some useful medical knowledge.

In the evening I felt pretty lousy so I went to bed pretty early after a lost marathon. (I think its gonna be Sawyer who dies)

Tuesday was a blissfully short day. Starting with a horrid 4 hour histology session that seemed to take forever. I was then done for the day!

I spent the afternoon playing monopoly which was great fun and I discovered I have a talent for it.

Matthew arrived next. We then had some tea before going out to the rocket. That was a good night starting in the rocket before moving on to Moby Grape. I have to mention the music is shite on the whole on a Tuesday unlike a Thursday when its brilliant.

Today has also been short. After saying goodbye to Matthew I had a very pleasant lecture from Dr. Hyde. That was nice and short.

In the afternoon I had the visit to my pregnant mother. That was very interesting and I am actually looking forward to starting work on the project. I enjoy working in a small group and meeting patients. That is what I like best about medicine. Unfortunately the course so far hasn't had a lot of that.

Anyway after that epic post I'm now going to do some homework.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Dull Sunday

Last night I went to the cinema to see goal which despite myself I really enjoyed. Any film about Newcastle United can't really be criticised. Especially one that has a few aerial shots of South Shields. It made me miss Newcastle, I haven't been there for ages.

Anyway today I did nothing. I listened to the Newcastle match because it was too busy at the pub and I wasn't feeling to well. I also slept in the afternoon which helped make me feel a little better.

Back to a normal hectic lesson schedule tomorrow which I really don't look forward to but it's got to be done.

Saturday, October 22, 2005


I have forgotten to post for the last few days so I will recap what happened.

On Thursday night I went out to Moby Grape with David, Kyle, Ellia, Phil and Paul. That was a really good night. All good music all night. Will without a doubt be returning there. I actually found the walk home as good as the night out. Singing in the streets at 2am is a lot of fun.

On Friday I had a real lie in for the first time in weeks. That really helped me get over the nights excesses. I spent most of the day in the flat doing nothing in particular(thanks to a break in the timetable), which happened to be very enjoyable. In the afternoon I went shopping at teeside park with tom. I really nabbed a few good bargains at sports soccer(New England Shirt: £11.99!!!).

In the evening I spent several hours in the kitchen doing nothing at all. Well I played cards and baked a cake (that was eaten within an hour) but not a very productive use of 4 hours.

Today I have done very little again. I went to stockton to get some food in and I categorised my music collection and now I'm about to catch up on my email and do some reading (dull!!). I may go out to the Rocket tonight depending on what the weather does.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Ball

First Song of the Day: Queen - No One But You

Yesterday was the day of the ball. I had pretty much no lectures that day except one on student councils that wasted my time.

Come evening time it was time for the trip to Tall Trees. I got to dress in a tuxedo which was great fun for me since I love dressing up. But once the novelty of being in a tux wore off I began to wonder if it was worth the £30 it cost. I came to the conclusion that it really wasn't due to the lack of food.

I still had a reasonable night even though I couldn't drink. The bouncy castle games were good fun and I had a bit of a dance.

Since I couldn't drink last night I have decided to venture out tonight which should be interesting since I've never seen stockton before on a night.

Today was a very busy day. After the usual 8am wake up to wogan I had to face some pretty dull lectures. We started with two hours of touchy feely in clinical skills. Following theembarrassmentt that it accompanied it we moved to the DR. I realised that I really must read more of Gray's so I have a better idea of what I'm looking at. I think that will be tomorrows task since I have no lectures at all!

Anyway I need to start getting ready to go out now.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


I have decided to start posting on here again simply to keep track of my life in the future. I doubt it will make particularly interesting reading for anyone at all(myself included) but I need to be able to check back on things in the future.

Today I had a series of dull lectures that seemed like they would never end. Med school isn't all the fun I had expected. Uni life is great but doing work isn't.

After a morning of dull microbiology lectures I had a very long lunch break that I spent mainly talking before the afternoons fun started.

Today was PPD. That is what inspired me to start up blogging again. I need to be able to write essays about interesting and pivotal points in my uni life and I figured if I have a day to day document of what I do it may help in the future.

The lecture itself was rather dull but I found out I am an 'activist' learner whatever that means.

This evening I cleaned the kitchen and was shopped for. Tomorrow in addition to working and going to the fresher ball I am going to bake some cakes. That will be fun.

I am now going to go to bed!