Friday, April 28, 2006

Fun Day's

Well the Uni term has now started in full. Last night in celebration of the nice day and my community placement being cancelled I went to Moby Grape. It was a beach party which meant being allowed to wear shorts and T Shirt for a club which made it great fun. That and the wet t shirt contest of course. Which turned into more of a stripping contest. I applaud such initiative by the contestants in order to sway the judges...well i do when its the female contestants. When guys got involved is where i backed away. Was a good laugh though and possibly the first time fit girls have actually responded to the phrase "Get your tits out for the lads!".

Anyway I was well and truly hammered thanks to my new drinks dispenser and shots only being £1.

Anyway woke this morning with more than a bit of a hangover but still managed to get myself into lectures on time. I found this on my floor this morning:

Took a bit of thinking to remember how I acquired such an item but later analysis of photos on my camera explained the matter:

All in the good name of alcohol.

Anyway got a new CD today to add to the others I have ordered this week. I ordered Magpie by Stephen Fretwell for some nice relaxing revision music. I also got the Beach Boys greatest hits just to get some more beach boys songs (all the CD's were free off CDWOW). I also got the new Zutons album because I quite like them and the album caught my eye. And finally the new Springsteen album.That's the only one ive listened to so far and that was only the first two tracks because I had to switch it off when others were in the kitchen because its not really that kind of music. Sounded quite good though.

Other than that everything is going well other than me being very tired.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Its that great time of year when people celebrate the great day when I was born by sending me presents. Today has been great with lots of amusing presents. Below is a picture of some of the presents I have got amusingly paraded on my shelf (click for bigger):

And a cool picture of John Mclane (with added skyscraper backdrop):

Thanks to Kyle for that cool gift that could not have been more appropriate.

I won a gift voucher for Borders this morning too for having the best presentation in my group. Quite pleased with myself there.

Also got a cool drinks dispenser that I can have fun with at the weekend.

Anyway I have lunch to make and work to do so I had better get to it!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Threpen'y Bit

An amusing article on the pointlessness of coinage.,,10655-2146806,00.html

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Back at Uni

Well the time has come again for another no doubt fun filled term here at the University of Durham Queens Campus.

Hasn't been too much fun so far but enjoyable non the less. I have spent most of the day packing then unpacking which has worn me out so I'm not going out to the rocket tonight. Instead I'm posting on my blog, Fun!

I'm quite amazed how I can fit two full cars (small cars though) into my room and still make it look quite neat and spacious. Its like a tardis!

Anyway I have little else of interest to say but I have to keep myself awake for another hour or so under carolines orders so I will surf the net and see what other useless stuff I can come up with.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Interesting Reading

Today has been another of those great procrastinating holiday days. I have done a little packing, watched some tele and had my hair cut (which I will get onto in a moment). Those are the high points of the day. Overall I think I have spent most of my day reading blogs about this that and the other. Sometimes I feel that this is a bit of a waste of time since I have to spend hours doing it and its not particularly relevant to my normal life. However I do think that some blogs teach you things. Not really things of practical use, but things of interest.

Take today for instance, John (AKA Flash) paid a visit to steal some of my barenaked ladies songs to sample. Once that task was out of the way I showed him the two websites I mentioned in yesterdays post. Both of the sites he found very interesting and he asked how I end up finding these sites. It was then I realised the power of blogging. Were it not for blogging in the odds are I would never have found such interesting sites. So I can justify wasting some of my day reading the thoughts and interests of others.

The other major event of the day was getting my hair cut. This is something I detest having done with somewhat of a passion. I find it strange to have someone you don't know touching your head and having a fair amount of power over you. One mistaken cut and you are missing an ear lobe, or more likely, but equally scaring, missing a large chunk of hair forcing you to go for a skin head cut and look like a chav.

These events have never happened to me (well once my ear bled a tiny bit) but they still worry me. I went for a complete change in hairstyle and I'm not sure I like it but I figure mother can always change it if I decide against it. Changing my appearance is not something I like to do and its not something I take lightly but sometimes it has to be done.

Anyway that's today's ranting over with. However if you are short of reading material and like this sort of ranting I can recommend the archive of Clarksons Columns in the Sunday Times or Matt Archers blog. Both contain often humorous rants about the finer points of life.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


I have done a complete restyle of my blog including a new name.

I've just heard that Randy Newman is going to be playing the sage in gateshead in July which is great news however I now have to find someone else willing to go. I think flash will be my first target but I may have to offer a ticket subsidy to convice him to go. Not the end of the world though tickets aren't that expensive.

Here are a couple of sites that I have been browsing recently that are of some interest:
  1. Gigapxl - A selection of very high quality photos of the US. Makes some nice desktops.
  2. Adam Kay's Blog - This is a very entertaining blog I can't get enough of.