Thursday, May 05, 2005


Voted today!!

Not that it will make a great deal of difference to the country its a forgone conclusion that the Labour party will win in South Shields, but thats not important(or so I'm told - not sure if I agree).

Anyway back to my studies..

Monday, May 02, 2005

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Before walking into the theatre I was somewhat apprehensive about how this film would turn out. The main worry I had was how they would convey Douglas Adams written wit in a film.

The director though was true to the books form and managed to use narration very well to keep those classic bits of written humor in the film.

The best character in the film was the depressed robot, played by the brilliant Alan Rickman(of die hard fame). I never saw the humor in the depressed robot while reading the book but in film form it was absolutely hilarious.

I would recommend that people see this film but also that they read the book to see the differences. The story was different in many respects but kept the key moments from the book.

Overall Rating: 9
Die Hard Rating: 6 (thanks to Alan Rickman)

Bank Holiday Monday

My posts have become less frequent recently. This is mainly because I don't have any time to write about what I have done because I am too busy doing it!

Have had a really good week, started with my birthday and ended with Sunderland being promoted. Yesterday I got to meet Geoff Hoon (the Defense Secretary). That was quite interesting, made me realise how much more sleazy politicians are in person. They'll say anything if they think that will win your vote.

Also went to the green festival yesterday, that was good, very groovy. I would have liked to stay there longer but revision dragged me home. I have started revision fully now and I am doing quite a good job paying attention to it.

The new West Wing DVD's that I bought have been causing my main distraction from studying. They are brilliant. I can't speak highly enough of this brilliantly written TV show. The best thing to come out of the US since Die Hard!